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Acronym GovernEE
Titel Good Governance in Energy Efficiency


The high heat loss in heating systems in historic buildings is a problem in many European cities. Through the use of fossil fuels, cost efficiency is also very low. The Hungarian town of Hódmezövásárhely, which is also the lead partner in this project, provides thermal energy for 80% of the buildings.

Based on these positive experiences from the past, the consortium will stress important improvements in energy efficiency and develop a sustainable, workable action plan. For this reason, five Central European cities and two international knowledge centers have joined together to form an international research project to deal responsibly with the existing resources and better support the use of renewable energies.

Since public institutions are often housed in historic buildings and have the majority of the energy losses due to inefficient and obsolete heating systems, the project approaches the problem from the point of view of good governance.

By laying the emphasis on improving decision making and planning competences as well as strengthening policy-makers' responsibility, the project not only underlines the ecological aspect but also the social component, through the creation of jobs.



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